Economic Dominion

Economic Dominion

Economic Dominion
  • Spiritual Currencies

    Welcome to my series on "Economic Dominion: Mastering Kingdom Currencies!" When we go through the stories of Daniel and Joseph, we observe how God made them succeed in a land that wasn't theirs. Sometimes, their stories motivate us to succeed and thrive even in trying times.

    That desire isn't o...

  • The Influencer

    Imagine you could see Jesus physically cheering you on, and actually being your brand ambassador. How would you feel?

    Abel was one of the men who had God testifying about him. His exemplary offering will be the center of this week’s lesson.

    As Christians in the new normal that our world has be...

  • Small Things, Big Difference

    Have you ever felt that what you can give to the Kingdom is too little? — that you feel you need to do more or be more just so God can be pleased? Well… Let me tell you some good news.

    The little thing you think you have can be a multitude in God’s hands! All we need to do is trust that the “lit...

  • The Power of the Seed

    While you see yourself as just an ordinary seed — broken, unfulfilled, struggling, and unsuccessful — God sees you like a tree that is already matured and yielding fruits that have the capacity to make a difference.

    The only way we can come to that understanding is if we understand the ‘power of...

  • Mystery of the Tithe

    Tithes have been mentioned since the time of Abraham. Does this mean tithing is older than the law?

    The answer to this question runs through the scriptures from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It’s important as Christians to really understand what tithing is and how it benefits not just ...

  • The Credit System

    There’s something attractive about being a person who keeps their promise. It’s a show of integrity. As Christians, there is a definite need for us to take our words and promises to others seriously — and more importantly, we must take the promises we make to God seriously.

    As we’ve established ...