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  • KSM 2024 • Houston, TX

    Registration is officially open for the Kingdom School of Marketplace Ministry 2024 at KingdomU.net! Mark your calendars: KSM will take place in Houston, TX from July 14th to July 20th.

    Get ready to immerse yourself during 7 dynamic days, and 8 power-packed courses as you learn about many facets...

  • RANGE: A Journey to Activating Supernatural Potential

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    Streaming begins Thursday, February 15th @ 7 pm EST

    Range is a transformative teaching series by Cindy Trimm that plunges into the depths of human potential and divine empowerment. Have you ever contemplated the vast array of gifts and talents lying dormant within you, poised to be unleashed to ...

  • End Your Year Strong 2023 | Recap

    Re-live some moments from the most empowering event of the year, Cindy Trimm's "End Your Year Strong Empowerment Summit 2023: Resurgence!"

  • KSM Commencement 2023

    Join us as we celebrate our 2020-2023 Kingdom School of Ministry graduates! This is KSM’s 25th commencement, and we’re excited to celebrate the knowledge gained, friendships formed, and the transformative experiences that have shaped these individuals into the leaders of tomorrow.

    To our graduat...

  • The Human Project

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    You have access to a power resource that can catapult you into a new dimension as a Kingdom Citizen. This resource is a library of books, The Living Word of God, that is available to all of Humanity!

    Learn how to access the power of the Living Word by joining me for "The Human Project" right he...

  • The Caretaker

    Welcome to Part One of Thrive!

    In this message, we will explore what it means to bring your A-Game in the Kingdom of God. God created you to bring incredible value, excellence, and increase in whatever field He has planted you.

    As a citizen of the Kingdom, you are the trendsetter, difference-ma...

  • The Leader's Logic

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    Welcome to my new 6-part series where we will study the teachings on what the parables of Jesus show us about who we are in Christ as transformational leaders. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the Kingdom message with those who have not yet heard it, as well as those “of like precious fai...

  • The Art of Thinking

    Welcome to Part One of "THINK: Why Jesus taught in Parables!" More than what to think, you need to know how to think. That's why Jesus taught in parables. The parables were divinely designed to elevate you from the realm of ignorance to the realm of revelation.

    One of the greatest needs of our t...