What To Do With An Opportunity

What To Do With An Opportunity

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What To Do With An Opportunity
  • Uncommon Opportunities

    Welcome to my series on "What To Do With An Opportunity!" Innovations are birthed by people who capitalize on opportunities that are presented as hidden seeds of potential within a crisis or a problem. There are uncommon opportunities the average person will never see or seize upon.

    Learn how yo...

  • The Veil of Pain

    Extraordinary opportunities are activated by extraordinary challenges, hardships, and crises. Now is the time to see and seize upon the golden opportunities hidden in your circumstances.

    It's never about what you're going through, but what you're moving toward.

    In this season, you must have the...

  • When Opportunity Knocks

    What type of opportunity are you looking for—and would you recognize it when it comes? Opportunities as they present themselves can be a new thing that breaks you out of the familiar and pulls you into a realm that gives you access into your next. But if you don’t perceive it, you will miss it.


  • Mountaintop Experiences

    Why accept living in the valley, when God has a mountaintop for you? Raise your expectation of what is possible, and God will meet you there!

    Let's dive deep into how you can leverage uncommon opportunities in this season and learn how you can ascend your mountaintop of opportunity!

    Download yo...

  • Opportunity Assessment

    The plans of God may lead you into terrains of great risk, but this is where you will find great reward in trusting God with the outcome. In fact, opportunities which create a level of risk are the very ones that push you into realms of greatness. It is from this realm you want to live—but more s...

  • The Language of Opportunity

    In these unique times, it is crucial for you to not only understand the language of opportunity, but also to speak it. Changing your language enables you to change your perspective. Because sometimes, all you need to do is listen and hear the still small voice nudging you toward your next.

    Be pr...