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  • The Caretaker

    Welcome to Part One of Thrive!

    In this message, we will explore what it means to bring your A-Game in the Kingdom of God. God created you to bring incredible value, excellence, and increase in whatever field He has planted you.

    As a citizen of the Kingdom, you are the trendsetter, difference-ma...

  • Fields of Favor

    Welcome to Part Two of Thrive! In this session, you will learn how to prosper wherever you are planted. You will learn that when you bring your faith into a field, it becomes your field of favor and influence.

    Grab your Discussion Guide below, and join me for a powerful time of teaching!

  • Planted to Prosper

    Welcome to Part Three of Thrive! Just as a farmer must expertly till the ground, so must you. You must work it strategically. As the Greatest Farmer, God will give you the strategies you need to reap an abundant harvest. When God said He will plant you as a tree by rivers of water, that river is ...

  • Hear for the Future

    Welcome to Part Four of Thrive! This week you will learn to attune your ear to hear not only what God is saying as it concerns this generation, but also your role in it. Be assured that God is calling you. He is speaking to you about your assignment—providing instructions for how to "occupy" unti...

  • The Influencer

    Welcome to Part Five of Thrive! This week, you will learn what it means to be an industry influencer. God has equipped and anointed His people to lead wherever He has planted them. He promotes and blesses them so they will be a blessing wherever they go. Now is the time to prepare for your promot...

  • Wisdom for Winning

    Welcome to Part Six of Thrive! Throughout this series, we have been talking about the leadership and marketplace anointings God has given His people—represented by the names and blessings spoken over the twelve tribes of Israel.

    Grab your Discussion Guide below, and join me for a powerful time ...